जन्मदिन परेड मार्ग

2019 जन्मदिन परेड

Shakespeare’s Birthday Parade is an event that everyone can enjoy as it winds its way through the centre of Stratford-upon-Avon. It passes buildings and places that were part of his life and ends where he was finally laid to rest, होली ट्रिनिटी चर्च में, नदी के तट पर एवन.

The 2019 समारोह परेड मार्ग चैपल लेन से शुरू करने और तट के किनारे और ब्रिज स्ट्रीट झंडा स्टेशनों के लिए अपना रास्ता बनाना होगा. झंडा फहराने के बाद, परेड हाई स्ट्रीट के साथ बंद कदम होगा, चैपल स्ट्रीट, चर्च स्ट्रीट और ओल्ड टाउन होली ट्रिनिटी चर्च में खत्म करने के लिए.

शेक्सपियर जन्मदिन समारोहजुलूस & ध्वज फहराने की रस्म

शनिवार 27 अप्रैल 2019

  • वेस्ट मिडलैंड्स फायर सर्विस बैंड (WMFS Band) entertains assembling crowds at the top of Bridge Street and will return to the bottom of Chapel Lane to lead the procession;
  • The town’s primary school children gather in Waterside from 10:00हूँ बाद, और एयर ट्रेनिंग कोर बैंड के नेतृत्व में (एटीसी), move off at 10:30हूँ to assume their position in upper Bridge Street. The ATC Band will then fall out into hea of High Street;
  • Drummers from the Coventry Corp of Drums will lead Civic Dignitaries, Diplomats, and other invited guests in procession from the Town Hall to the Birthplace. परेड मार्ग: हाई स्ट्रीट, बेल कोर्ट, Wood Street, Cooks Alley, हेनले स्ट्रीट;
  • The WMFS Band will lead Parade participants in procession from Chapel Lane. परेड मार्ग: तट, ब्रिज स्ट्रीट;
  • Dignitaries and Diplomats, led by the Lord Lieutenant arrive at the Birthplace. Shakespearean characters welcome the parade. ‘Mr Shakespeare’ leaves the house and ceremoniously hands the Lord Lieutenant the Laurel Wreath. The drummers will then disband. Shakespeare then leads the parade down Henley Street to Bridge Street.
  • The Parade participants arrive in Bridge Street from Chapel Lane and move into position to their flag station.
  • The Dignitaries and Diplomats, led by Mr Shakespeare, arrive in Bridge Street to a tumultuous fanfare and move into position to their flag station.
  • The Lord Lieutenant places the wreath below the bust of Shakespeare, situated in front of the dais. फिर, a drumroll will be performed by the WMFS Band and Tony Bird OBE and young achievers of the year, Ollie Cresswell and Louis Byng, बिग जन्मदिन बैनर फहरा होगा.
  • Following the unfurling of the Union Flag by the Lord Lieutenant, all flags will then be unfurled simultaneously thereafter. राष्ट्रीय गान तुरंत पालन करेंगे;
  • Mr Shakespeare is escorted to the dais by the Town Beadle and visiting Town Criers. When in position the Criers will chorus “Hip Hip Hooray” accompanied by an explosion of confetti canons;
  • Students from King Edward VI School, led by Coventry Corp of Drums, process through the arena from Waterside and will lead the procession as they proceed to Holy Trinity accompanied by the Vicar of Stratford-upon-Avon, रेवरेंड पैट्रिक टेलर.
  • The ATC Band escorts a minister and primary school children to the Church;
  • The WMFS Band will follow the KES contingent as they lead the rest of the Procession from Bridge Street, along High Street, चैपल स्ट्रीट, चर्च स्ट्रीट और ओल्ड टाउन;
  • कमपेरे दर्शकों को आमंत्रित करेगा, चर्च फूल बिछाने के लिए के लिए जा रहा पर आमादा, जुलूस के अंत में शामिल होने के रूप में यह हाई स्ट्रीट में समा जाता है;
  • जुलूस होली ट्रिनिटी चर्च के माध्यम से पारित होगा, शेक्सपियर की कब्र पर फूल जमा;
  • बारात अब खत्म हो गया है;
  • पूरे दिन, competitors in the National Living Statues Competition will be performing throughout the town centre and community festivities and other street entertainment will also take place throughout the town, courtesy of Escape Art, शेक्सपियर जन्मस्थान ट्रस्ट, the Royal Shakespeare Company and others;

शेक्सपियर रविवार

रविवार 28 अप्रैल 2018

  • से टाउन हॉल में सिविक नाश्ता रिसेप्शन 10:00बाद हूँ (निमंत्रण द्वारा ही);
  • चैपल स्ट्रीट के माध्यम से होली ट्रिनिटी चर्च के लिए टाउन हॉल से एक जुलूस, चर्च स्ट्रीट, ओल्ड टाउन;
  • King Edward VI Head Girl takes the Quill in procession to Holy Trinity Church;
  • The Shakespeare Service in Holy Trinity Church, where the Quill will be received and placed in the hand of Shakespeare above his grave;
  • शेक्सपियर सर्विस, कौन कौन से includes the Shakespeare Sermon and verse and music from members of the current RSC ensemble, concludes;
  • Throughout the day there will be community festivities and street entertainment, सहित 2एन डी National Living Statue Competition. Statues will be on display throughout the Town Centre on Friday evening, शनिवार और रविवार. The winning entry to be announced at 4:00pm on Sunday afternoon;

All timings stated are subject to change, but details were correct at the time of going to press.

हम आपको इस अवसर का आनंद आशा.

में फिर से कृपया हमसे जुड़ें 2019, पर के सप्ताह के अंत में 27 और 28 अप्रैल