Be a Volunteer

Become a Volunteer… and be part of history

Many volunteers come forward each year to give their vital assistance to the principal parade. Their loyal dedication and commitment is a testament to the deep affection that many people feel for the traditional celebration of Shakespeare’s Birthday in Stratford-upon-Avon. We are enormously grateful to them all for their invaluable support, without which Shakespeare’s Celebrations, as we know them, would simply not be possible.

We would love to invite you to become part of this team of volunteers and join in with the community spirit that this wonderful pageant offers.

Marshals: Numerous Marshals return each year to help ensure the smooth running of the parade, and more are needed.  PLEASE HELP!

Stewards/Standard Bearers: Local community representatives and young volunteers from secondary schools escort the many international representatives and VIPs to their flags positions lining the streets and act as host to help them join in and enjoy the festivities.

Please contact us if you are passionate about the celebrations and want to volunteer to be part of history.