2018 Programme

Please note this is a draft programme for 2018. Timings are TBC.


Order of Proceedings  
Street Entertainment, predominately by local amateur groups In Bridge Street and adjoining streets from 9:30am to 10:30am
Compére, Michael Collie, sets the scene From dais at the top of Bridge Street by Barclay’s Bank roundabout
KES Mustering/Route KES Quad

Chapel Lane, Waterside, Bridge Street, High Street, Chapel Street, Church Street, Old Town, Holy Trinity

Civic Parade/Mustering Route RSC Garden, opposite Dirty Duck, Waterside, Bridge Street…

High Street, Chapel Street, Church Street, Old Town, Holy Trinity

Civic VIP Mustering/Route Civic VIP Reception at Town Hall, Sheep Street, Waterside, Bridge Street…

High Street, Chapel Street, Church Street, Old Town, Holy Trinity

Mustering and Processional  Route of Cake Old Slaughter House Yard,

Sheep Street, High Street, Bridge Street, High Street, Sheep Street, Old Slaughter House Yard

Community Carnival Walking Pageants Mustering/Route Great Garden of New Place, Chapel Lane, Waterside, Bridge Street, Waterside/Bancroft Basin, where Shakespeare Celebrations badge will be given out
KES Parade enters arena and processes to Church KES starts proceedings and is the first to parade to Holy Trinity accompanied by the ATC Band
Civic Parade enters arena to take up positions at flag stations Marshals will lead the various columns to High Street, left Bridge Street, right Bridge Street led by the Coventry Corp of Drums
Lord Lieutenant leads the VIP Civic Parade up Central Column of Bridge Street Marshals lead the VIP parade to Central Column flag positions led by the West Midlands Fire Service Band
Unfurling of the Big Birthday Banner Mr Tony Bird and the Pride of Stratford’s Young Achiever of the Year,  will unfurl the Big Banner to be preceded by a Drum roll from the Coventry Corp of Drums
Fanfare played by West Midlands Fire Service Band Flags will be unfurled simultaneously, commencing with the Union Flag, unfurled by the Lord Lieutenant
National Anthem The National Anthem will be played by West Midlands Fire Service Band once all the flags have been unfurled
Enter the Cake from High Street

displayed on a flatbed trailer/lorry

The Cake will pause momentarily at the head of Bridge Street
‘Three Cheers’ by the Beadle and visiting Town Criers On the last ‘Hip Hip Hooray ‘Mr Shakespeare’ will pop up from within his Birthday Cake heralded by a volley of Confetti Canons
Cake Progress Led by the West Midlands Fire Service Band playing ‘Happy Birthday’  and other festive music, the cake and Mr Shakespeare will make their way down Bridge Street (M&S side) with confetti canons marking its progress, with Mr Shakespeare ‘milking the moment’.
Shakespeare dismounts in the middle of Bridge Street (Boots side) Mr Shakespeare will be met by two Tragedy/Comedy masked figures who will help him down.  Mr Shakespeare stands waiting for the carnival walking pageants to enter the arena from Waterside
Shakespeare greets and hands  a Quill to the leader of each carnival literary walking pageant as they pass Symbolises Shakespeare’s literary legacy being passed on in the form of literature to the world
Music The music, unique to each pageant, will start as they enter Bridge Street and fade as they move off from Mr Shakespeare.  The next piece of music will start as the next pageant makes their appearance, and so on
The carnival literary pageant exit Bridge Street Each walking pageant will take a turn of Bridge Street and exit across the canal  bridge and enter the Bancroft by the first entrance via the steps
Judging of the Pageants by the Mayor and Chair seated on the dais at the top of Bridge The Mayor of Stratford-upon-Avon and the Chairman of Stratford-on-Avon District Council will determine the winner or winners of the Literary Pageants 2018.

Michael Collie will announce the winner

Return of the Winning Literary Pageants and Presentation The winning pageants will parade up Bridge Street (Boots) to their chosen music, to receive the Quill Trophy and their Shakespeare Celebrations Badge for every participant from the Civic Dignitaries, who will then exit down Bridge Street (M&S)
As the Literary Pageant leave Bridge Street , Shakespeare takes up new position


Shakespeare will proceed up Bridge Street and stand ready to greet the procession as it makes its way to Church
Forming up of Civic Parade The Marshals will form up the Civic Parade headed by the Lord Lieutenant, who will be led to Church by the West Midlands Fire Service Band
Public and those intent on laying flowers may join on the end of the Civic Parade The Coventry Corp of Drums will lead this secondary parade as it joins the end of the Civic Parade as it makes its way to church
Civic Dignitaries and luncheon guests) can board a boat to ferry them to the Crowne Plaza or can choose to walk Boat pick-up Theatre Gardens
Luncheon Crowne Plaza
RSC and SBT Entertainment and Workshops Shakespeare Houses, Theatre, Theatre Grounds, Recreation Ground

The Living Statues Competition will launch the Birthday Celebrations on the Friday night at 7:30pm

Living Statues in Bancroft Gardens from Friday until Sunday which will include the judging of the Competition on Friday night –‘The Best Living Statue’ prizes to be awarded in three categories – professional £5,000, amateur £500 and children £50.

‘Living Statues Busk’ in the Bancroft from 8:30pm until 10:30pm

STC/SDC/LSD Poets Corner on dustbowl, – a large branded umbrella position that will house poets wishing to read their works publically.  According to demand this provision can also be made available on both Friday and Sunday
STC/SDC/LSD Book signing at various locations, including pop-up stalls if necessary
STC/SDC/LSD Market on the Recreation Ground on Saturday and Sunday –  a good quality mixed offer, possibly including craft demonstrations and other attractions (for further discussion)
STC/SDC/LSD Street theatre and vintage singers at various locations throughout Saturday and Sunday
STC/SDC/LSD Light Show on Saturday night projected across the river, timed to music, from a location yet to be determined and agreed (will need to discuss with RSC as timing will be critical)
KES Head Boy will come from the Birthplace to the Town Hall carrying the Quill The Quill Moment will take place at the Civic Reception at the Town Hall which precedes the Shakespeare Service
Clergy/Civic Procession to Church The Clergy and civic guests will follow the Quill, being held aloft by the Head Boy of KES as they make their way, ceremoniously to Holy Trinity led by the Coventry Corp of Drums
Receiving the Quill The Quill will be received in Holy Trinity by the Vicar, Rev Patrick Taylor, and ceremoniously taken to the Bust of Shakespeare where the Head Boy will place the Quill into the effigy’s hand
Shakespeare Service Including the Shakespeare Sermon