Living Statues Competition

The Councils in association with LSD Promotions are delighted to announce the inaugural National Living Statue Championship, which will feature over the Shakespeare Celebration weekend. Organisers are confident it will become an annual feature of the festivities, exclusive to Stratford.

There will be a £5,000 prize for the professional ‘best statue’ while there will be cash prizes of £500 for the best amateur statue and £50 for the best children’s statue.

The competition will begin on Friday evening with Contestants will all be offered individual pitches under pop-up marquees with lighting, before busking between 8.30pm and 10.30pm.

Statues will continue to busk on Saturday on Waterside and Bancroft Gardens after the parade, while on Sunday they will be asked to take up positions in Bancroft Gardens as judging takes place.

Sarah Summers, Town Clerk at Stratford Town Council, said: “There is a world championship for living statues in Arnhem in September, but as far as we know at the moment there is no UK national competition.”

“LSD Promotions are planning to visit the Arnhem Championships to ask some of the statues if they would be interested in competing in Stratford. These statues are amazing, they make their living from it and if we had 50 statues or so for the first year I would be delighted. We are offering prize money, but we believe this event will be of great benefit to the town, the organisers of the event in Arnhem claim to attract 350,000 visitors. Hopefully, we can get statues from all over the world coming.”



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