Wij nodigen u uit om deel te nemen aan de ‘New Look’ Verjaardag Vieringen 2018 – Civic Parade

We zijn verheugd om u vroeg melding van de ‘New Look’ Verjaardagen geven, 2018. The Town and District Councils, die blijven organiseren samen de Celebrations, wish to involve all those who have supported the event over the years, but in addition, want to attract wider participation from community groups across the district.

In reactie op de zeer positieve feedback kregen we na de Shakespeare 400 Parade in 2016, the Councils decided that this concept, which introduced a more convivial and festive approach, should focus in all future Celebrations.

traditionele elementen, zoals de beroemde Parade and Flag Unfurling Ceremony, will still take place on Saturday but this too comes with a memorable twist – the witnessing of the Community Carnival Parade which will immediately follow.

The Councils would be honoured if you could join other distinguished representatives at the Celebrations in 2018, and as you will appreciate, there is a lot to organize. We would be most grateful for your co-operation in advising us early on whether you, and other representatives from your organisation, would like to participate in the Civic Parade and Flag Unfurling Ceremony, enabling you to witness the Community Carnival Parade as it processes through Bridge Street, or whether you would prefer to actually take part in this new spectacle.

Flag positions have been zoned into specific areas which are determined by cost, ranging from a minimum contribution of £50.00 to £750.00 for a position in the central column in Bridge Street. Participation in the Community Carnival Parade attracts a modest £10.00 administration fee, although conditions apply, as detailed in the enclosure.

Gelieve vriendelijk genoeg in een te vullen Expressions of Interest Form, en terug te keren dit aan ons doorgeven via post of e-mail door 30 Oktober, 2017. In het licht van de nieuwe wetgeving inzake gegevensbescherming, may I ask you please to specifically tick the box and sign that you give permission for your details to be held on file by Stratford-upon-Avon Town Council for the purposes of participating in future Birthday Celebrations.

Once we know in which Parade you would like to participate, we will then only send you the detailed information and formal invitations which are relevant.

De burgemeester, Victoria Alcock, en District voorzitter, George Atkinson, hoop dat ze zullen het genoegen u te verwelkomen in de Celebrations hebben.