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Viewing the Parade on Saturday 22 Abril 2017. A designated area is provided in view of the arena for a limited number of wheelchair users and one other person [carer, relative or friend].

Please book a space as soon as possible by calling 01789 269332 ou e-mail

Se você precisar de alguma ajuda durante o evento, please ask a Marshal and we will try to help.

Blue Badge Parking: There are many designated blue badge parking bays around town with assorted time restrictions which change for the Parade so check them against the road closures.

Car parks owned by Stratford District Council provide free parking when displaying a blue badge and for as long as you wish. If the designated bays are full park in other bays without charge or time limit.

Private car parks may charge so please read signage!

Na rua, parking is free in allocated blue badge bays and any time limits will be shown at each location. Parking in general spaces is free and without a time limit by displaying a blue badge.

Parque & Passeio is at Bishopton, close to A46 and A3400 and fully accessible

Táxis are accessible. A selection is:

007: 01789-414007, Ideal: 01789-290444, Linha Vermelha: 01789-205999

Shopmobility: Parque de estacionamento Bridgeway, 01789-414534
Aberto de segunda - sábado. Domingos na Temporada de Verão só; Fechado Feriados.

More information Contato 01789-260691,


Accessible toilets owned by Stratford District Council are close to their car parks, free to use and operated with a Radar key.

Many of the town businesses also have accessible toilets.

Inclusion of a third party’s contribution to the Shakespeare’s Celebrations programme is not a guarantee that they are compliant with the Disability Discrimination Act 1995.